Roof Coatings Protects the surface of concrete, clay, asbestos, mineral shingles & vertical tiles.

Roof Coating Company ScotlandThe effects of weathering and pollution not only spoil the aesthetic appearance of your property, but can cause roof tiles to become porous after about 20 years. This leads to the formation of moss, fungus, lichen and moisture retention, which in turn increases weight and stress on the roof structure.

Roof tiles can begin to split through ageing and frost damage. Combined with the debris thrown off from moss growth, gutters and drainage channels become blocked.

Soiled roofing can also cause a build up of rainwater, allowing this to penetrate below the overlaps and ruin the watertight qualities of the surface.

Roof Seal Ltd has a specialised roof coating that can be applied to all types of tiled or stone roofing.

Benefits of Roof Sealing

The application of Roof seal's roof tile coating to your deteriorating roof provides the following benefits:

  • Reduces stress on roof structure
  • Resists weathering and environmental pollution
  • Protects against moss, fungi and lichens
  • Improves roof drainage
  • Protects against frost damage
  • Reduces internal condensation
  • Colour blends patched roofs or extensions.
  • Increases the life of the roof tiles
  • Visual improvements - like a new roof!
  • All standard roof tile colours available

How does it work?

Our roof sealing process consists of the following steps;

  • Clean the roof thoroughly of all contaminants
  • Inspect the roof before applying any coatings
  • Fix any broken tiles or minor structural flaws
  • Apply fungicide solution preventing re-growth
  • Apply 2 protective weatherproof topcoats
  • Apply a colour of your choice

Once we have completed the above work, your roof will look like it was fitted yesterday!

Why choose Roof Seal Ltd

We offer a premium service, regardless of the size of the project. Whether you want a small repair or a full roof coating, our friendly and approachable team will work around your time and budget.

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