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Roof Repairs Company ScotlandKeeping your home, industrial building, or stone building’s exterior clean is extremely important. Not only does it improve the look of the building but it keeps it healthy by eliminating mould, algae, moss, mildew, fungus, dirt and grime.

When you do have your building’s exterior professionally cleaned, we can guide you on whether you have it pressure washed or soft washed.

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Soft Washing & Pressure Washing

We offer both pressure washing and soft washing options and will advise you on the best option for your project.

The differences between Soft Washing & Pressure Washing

Soft washing and pressure washing are both very effective in cleaning your homes exterior and they achieve that in different ways.

Pressure Washing

pressure washing Scotland
Pressure Washing uses highly pressurized water to forcefully remove any dirt and grime from the surface and is very effective but can pose some risk, depending on what surface is being cleaned.

Pressure washing is highly effective for removing stains, oil, grime and dirt and is best used on surfaces including but not limited to:

  • Concrete cleaning
  • Tarmac cleaning
  • Driveways, paths & walkways cleaning
  • Patio cleaning
  • Brick, stone and other durable surfaces

Soft Washing

soft washing Scotland
Soft Washing forgoes much of that pressure in favour of biodegradable chemicals. These chemicals are safe for both your home and the environment.

Soft Washing uses formulated, biodegradable detergents and is highly effective on surfaces including but not limited to:

  • Render cleaning
  • Listed stone & heritage cleaning
  • School playgrounds/play areas
  • Roof cleaning
  • Wood cleaning

Whether pressure washing or soft washing is the right option for your project, rest assured Roof Seal Ltd will carry out the job to the highest possible standards giving you complete peace of mind.

Why choose Roof Seal Ltd

We offer a premium service, regardless of the size of the project. Whether you want a small repair or a full roof coating, our friendly and approachable team will work around your time and budget.

If you choose our coatings to revamp your home, you get the following benefits:

  • Extends the life of your roof tiles
  • 100% UV and weather proof coating
  • Helps eliminate moss growth
  • Prevents damage from damp ingress
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • Maintenance free - install and forget!
  • Saves £££s on replacing your roof
  • Adds value to your property

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